Cyprus IVF Hospital


Having further professionalized its team and equipment to keep pace with global IVF standards and technological advances, the Cyprus IVF Hospital is making a huge impact in the field of reproductive medicine.

At our clinic, we offer high pregnancy success rates, top-notch medical care, an extensive donor network, and a variety of programs to help you save money and receive excellent care. Couples choose CCH IVF when they are ready to start a family and need the help of our comprehensive egg donation and surrogacy programs. The overall success rate of our Cyprus IVF Hospital is 70-80%. In fact, our clinic uses the most advanced reproductive technologies and also uses donors (eggs, sperm and embryos).

Our center provides treatment to couples seeking traditional fertility treatment. We are part of the largest private hospital in the Republic of Cyprus in northern Turkey. We also run a donor program for other countries in Europe and the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Through our donor program, we aim to match infertile couples with healthy sperm and egg (oocyte) donors using the latest assisted reproductive technologies.

Success Rate

Our Cyprus IVF hospital has a high success rate compared to the Cyprus IVF sector, ensuring the happiness of our patients and proving that we are the right choice.


At our organization, privacy and people's right to feel safe and comfortable are fundamental. Strict security protocols protect all patient information.

24/7 Healthcare Service

We ensure accessibility and continuous communication with patients in Cyprus and around the world through our 24-hour online channel or other communication channels available in English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and German.

Team of Specialists

Our friendly medical staff will inform you about all treatment procedures, help you take your medications properly in the hospital and at home, and solve any problems you may have.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Located in the first and only ISO 9001 certified private hospital in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the treatment center provides high-quality services, contributing to bringing healthy babies into families.