Our History

Famagusta Medical Center first started business in 1995 with 6 doctors and 1 secretary in a rented two-story building. The young and rapidly growing healthcare center was the first private hospital in Northern Cyprus and relocated to its new facility in May 2003. As a forerunner in the country's healthcare sector and with constant improvements, the healthcare center keeps extending its services and in October 2017 inaugurated an additional 3000 sqm building.

Until 2017, the center was known as Famagusta Medical Center Hospital and changed its name in 2017 to Central Cyprus Hospital / Mağusa Tıp Merkezi Ltd. due to the expansion of its service network and developments, especially in health tourism.

Our Mission

To pursue technological and scientific advances, prioritize patient and staff satisfaction, and provide services according to international quality standards in an appropriate economic setting without compromising ethical principles with highly talented and professional staff.

Our Vision

To provide the widest range of services to the largest number of patients among private hospitals in the country and to maintain our current position in the medical community.

Our Corporate Principles






Visionary approach





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Our Hospital's Healthcare Policy is as follows:

  • Complying with healthcare regulations in our country,

  • To keep patient and employee satisfaction at the highest level,

  • Respecting patient rights,

  • Following ethical principles,

  • Prioritizing staff training,

  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene conditions at the necessary highest level,

  • Providing quality healthcare services at affordable economic conditions,

  • Continuously monitor and improve our Quality Management System with a risk-based thinking approach