Uzm. Dr. Süreyya Vudalı

Uzm. Dr. Süreyya Vudalı

Department: Radiology Profession: Radiology Education:
  • Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine, 2004
  • Hacettepe University Radiology Department - 2011
Professional Experience:
  • Cyprus Central Hospital, 2013 - Present
Professional Memberships:
  • Turkish Society of Radiology
  • Turkish Society of Magnetic Resonance
  • Turkish Interventional Radiology Society
  • Society of Medical Ultrasonography
  • Obstetric Radiology Society
  • Association of Turkish Cypriot Doctors
Working Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Professional awards, prizes and experiences

- Dissertation for specialty in medicine: Computed tomography assessment of asymptomatic hip joints in relation to femoroasetabular impingement, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Dissertation for specialty in medicine, Ankara-2011

- For the first time in the TRNC, interventional radiology methods were used to intervene in patients with obstruction in the vessels controlling the brain respiratory system (acute infact) and to treat the patient without any damage. (Dr. Süreyya Vudalı, Dr. Süha Akpınar, Dr. Bahar Kaymakamzade, As. Dr. Eylem ?)

- Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastasis to Ipsilateral parotid and sunmandibuler Glandsi Report of a Case with Sonoelastographic Findings. (Dr. Mehtap Balaban, Dr. Süreyya Vudalı, Dr. İlkay S. *, Dr. Özlem Ünal, Dr. Ali İpek)

Professional training, courses and conferences attended:

  1. Hacettepe University Cardiovascular CT Angiography Training 1.June.2006 Ankara
  2. 11th Annual Scientific Meeting of Turkish Society of Radiology 2-4 June 2007 Ankara
  3. Hacettepe Non-Vascular Interventional Radiology 20th Year Interventional Radiology Symposium March 30-April 1, 2007 2007 Ankara
  4. Turkish Society of Radiology Ankara Branch - Prostate and Lower Genitourinary System Radiology Course November 10, 2007 Ankara
  5. Society of Medical Ultrasonography, Genitourinary System Ultrasonography Course 5-6 April 2008 Ankara
  6. Turkish Society of Radiology Ankara Branch - Fetal CNS MR-USG and Fetal Echocardiography Course April 12, 2008 Ankara
  7. 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of Turkish Society of Radiology 8-9 May 2009 Ankara
  8. Multislice IT Course 2-3 May Ankara
  9. Turkish Society of Radiology Ankara Branch Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging Course: CT and MR Angiography 17 January 2009 Ankara
  10. Clinical Doppler Ultrasonography Applications Course 2-3 May 2009 Ankara
  11. 29th National Radiology Congress, TÜRKRAD 2008 Antalya.
  12. Turkish Interventional Radiology Society V. Interventional Radiology Annual Meeting 5-8 May 2010 Cappadocia
  13. 31st National Radiology Congress, TÜRKRAD 2010 Antalya
  14. Turkish Society of Radiology Winter Schools for Radiology Assistant Residents December 2010 Antalya
  15. Turkish Society of Radiology Turkish Thoracic Radiology Course 19 February 2011 Ankara
  16. 32nd National Radiology Congress, TÜRKRAD 2011 Antalya
  17. Turkish Society of Radiology Ankara Branch Educational Meetings, Obstetric Imaging Symposium 17 December 2011 Ankara
  18. 17th Annual Meeting of Turkish Society of Magnetic Resonance 24-26 May 2012 Ankara
  19. Society of Medical Ultrasonography, Basic and Advanced Obstetric Ultrasonography Course 19-20 May 2012 Ankara
  20. European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) Certified Istanbul Liver Imaging Meeting 7-10 April 2013 İstanbul
  21. European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) Approved Course, Interventional Ultrasound Course 'Hands-on' 27-28 April 2013