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What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

Being one of the largest organs in the body, the skin is responsible for a wide variety of functions. However, abnormal growth of the cells in the skin leads to skin cancer.

What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

  • Recurrent and non-healing wounds on the body,

  • Brown, red, blue and small lesions or blisters,

  • Bleeding lesions and scabs,

  • Brown or red spots,

  • Increase in the number and size of moles on the body, i.e., the formation of different types of moles

  • Moles with irregular, asymmetrical, notched borders, larger than 5 mm in size and different in color,

  • Bleeding or changes in the moles,

  • The formation of red or colorless nodules.

Early detection of skin cancers provides the best chance of successful treatment and survival. First of all, individuals should examine themselves. In well-lit rooms, they can detect changes in their body; for places that are not visible to the eye, a hand mirror may be useful.