Nutrition & Dietetics

beslenme ve diyet

Cyprus Central Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Department offers healthcare services that would raise the awareness of the society in the matter of healthy eating and support patients during their recovery period.

The Nutrition and Dietetics department includes medical dietetics (diets for obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic kidney failure, digestive diseases, and more). Nutrition services are provided for children, adults, seniors, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For inpatients in our hospital, when a patient is admitted to the ward, doctors, dietitians, and nurses work together as a multidisciplinary team to design and implement a diet tailored to the patient and their disease by a dietitian under the direction of a doctor. During the course of the diet, we monitor the patient's nutritional status and notify the patient and/or caregiver. The patient will receive written and verbal nutrition education upon discharge if needed.

CCH's Nutrition and Dietetics Department also provides menu planning services to ensure healthy eating for company staff. We make recommendations to improve the quality of meals and beverages.