General Surgery

genel cerrahi

The General Surgery Department at the Cyprus Central Hospital (Famagusta Medical Center Hospital) is staffed by two general surgeons, one of whom works full-time. In addition, our hospital allows operating rooms to be used by independent general surgeons. The General Surgery Department provides scientific, safe, and high-quality continuity of care through the preoperative preparation of patients, three operating rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, and postoperative patient monitoring. Recognizing that patient safety is our top priority, we have deployed expert anesthesiologists and technicians to create a safe surgical environment. The operating rooms are equipped with the latest version of HD laparoscopic cameras, LigaSure Vessel Sealing System, a fast and powerful bipolar electrosurgical device for suturing and cutting, laser systems, and a C-Arm X-Ray machine. Our well-trained nurses and operating room technicians are experienced and equipped to assist surgeons during surgery.

The Department of General Surgery performs endoscopic (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) diagnosis and treatment, laparoscopic and open surgery. We perform all kinds of laparoscopic and open surgeries to remove cancers, including stomach, colon, thyroid, and breast cancers; surgery to remove fistula, anal fissures, abscess, and pilonidal cyst and sinus in the anal area; and hemorrhoid removal (hemorrhoidectomy) using laser and conventional techniques. In addition, the anterior abdominal wall hernias are removed by open or laparoscopic surgery using grafts, including local anesthesia, depending on indications and patient preference. Almost all gallbladder diseases are operated on laparoscopically, and bile duct diseases can be diagnosed and treated with ERCP. Hiatal hernia, biliary tract and liver cysts, and appendicitis are treated with laparoscopic surgery. In addition to sleeve gastrectomy, endoscopically placed adjustable gastric balloons are used in cases of morbid obesity. Varicose veins and arteriovenous malformations are also operated on in our hospital.

All of our general surgeons are committed to attending conferences and trainings to stay fresh and keep up with new scientific advances.

Our hospital is able to easily collaborate with other departments for pre-operative preparation and patient evaluation. Anesthesiologists and internal medicine specialists evaluate patients before surgery. If necessary, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and respiratory specialists assess the patient's condition before surgery and create the most optimal operating conditions. Modern laboratories and radiology centers provide great assistance in terms of preoperative diagnosis and postoperative monitoring of patients.