What is Ultrasound?

The process of imaging the body using high-frequency sound waves. Unlike many other imaging methods, ultrasound does not use X-rays, which are represented by radiation, and is therefore considered a harmless imaging method for the human body. Our hospital uses the latest technology in this field. (GE Logiq E9 XDclear 2.0)

How to prepare for an Ultrasound scan

There are several steps patients should follow before an ultrasound scan. The admitting personnel may provide different information depending on the area to be scanned (for example, if you should be hungry or if you should stop urinating). Patients who come to the scan with the information provided by the admitting personnel will have a smooth experience in a short amount of time.

Ultrasound Procedure

During the scan, a clear, semi-liquid gel is applied to the area to be scanned. The purpose of applying this gel is to get a clearer image. The scan is then performed and the doctor reports the results the same day.

In Which Areas Is Ultrasound Used?

Ultrasound was developed for the purpose of imaging parts of the body that are not visible to the eye and cannot be accessed with an endoscope, to diagnose diseases related to those body parts and to monitor changes and growth.

Area of Use:

  • Screening of pregnant women for analyzing the health status of the baby,

  • Evaluation of intra-abdominal organs,

  • Detection of gallbladder diseases and gallstones,

  • Detection of tumors in the breast and soft tissues,

  • Examinations for blood disorders,

  • Examination of prostate and sexually transmitted disease,

  • Needle interventional imaging in cyst and biopsy treatments,

  • Examination of thyroid disorders,

  • Detection and monitoring of kidney stones.