Patients’ Rights


Patients have a right to access and utilize preventive health services and activities to promote healthy living as part of the principles of justice and equity.

Non-discrimination principle:

Patients have a right to health care services regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief and economic and social status.


The patient has the right to be informed about all kinds of services and facilities.

Selecting and Changing the Health Institution and Personnel:

Patients have the right to choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the health service provided in the health institution they choose.

Identifying, selecting and replacing medical staff:

Patients are entitled to identify, select and replace the identities, duties and titles of physicians and other personnel who will and are providing health care services.

Right to Request Information:

Patients have a right to request all kinds of information about his/her health status, both verbally and in writing.


Patients have a right to receive all kinds of health services in a confidential environment.

Consent and authorization:

Patients have a right to obtain consent for medical interventions and to benefit from the service under consent,

Refusing and Discontinuing Treatment:

Patients have a right to refuse the treatment or to ask for it to be stopped.

Receiving Health Care in a Safe Environment

Patients have a right to expect and demand to be safe in health institutions and organizations.

Fulfillment of Religious Obligations:

Necessary measures are taken to enable patients to freely fulfill their religious obligations within the possibilities of health institutions and organizations.


Patients have a right to receive friendly, kind, compassionate health care with respect, diligence and attention,


Patients have a right to receive health care in an environment where all hygienic conditions are provided, noise and all disturbing factors are eliminated,

Accepting Visitors:

Patients have a right to accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the institution or organization.

Keeping Companions:

Patients have a right to request to have a companion within the scope of the legislation, the facilities of health institutions and organizations and if the physician deems it appropriate.

Right of Application, Complaint and Lawsuit:

Patients have a right to all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation in case of violation of the patient's rights.

Constant availability of health care services:

Patients have a right to benefit from health services for as long as necessary.

Expressing opinions:

Patients have a right to express their opinions about the services provided.