Patient Accompaniment Rules

  • Companions must comply with hospital rules and regulations; failure to do so will result in denial of companion status.

  • Accompanying persons are not allowed to run errands for patients (except when instructed to do so by a physician or nursing staff).

  • The escort must keep hospital property and equipment clean and tidy. Companions/visitors who cause damage to hospital property are responsible for compensation for such damage.

  • To ensure a quiet environment, patients and their relatives should not talk loudly or make noise in hospital rooms or ward corridors. Televisions in the patient's room should also be used so as not to disturb others.

  • Nurses should not take patients out of the hospital or change beds unless requested to do so by the attending physician or nurse.

  • Nurses should not talk loudly in the patient's room or disturb staff or other patients.

  • Any change of attendants must be reported to the nursing staff.

  • If there is any problem with the patient, the attendant should report it to the nursing staff.