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Our History:

Famagusta Medical Center started service in a two-storey building rented in 1995 with 6 doctors and 1 secretary. The rapidly growing organization moved to its existing building as the first private hospital in Northern Cyprus in May 2003. The organization, which is a pioneer in the health sector in the country and continuously developing, continued to increase its services by opening an additional 3000 m² building in October 2017.
The institution, which was known by the name of Famagusta Medical Center Hospital until 2017, changed its commercial title in 2017 due to the growing service network and especially the developments in health tourism, and changed its name to Cyprus Central Hospital / Famagusta Medical Center Ltd. changed to.

Our Mission:

With our competent staff, without compromising ethical principles; To follow technological and scientific developments, to prioritize patient and employee satisfaction, to provide service at international quality standards under appropriate economic conditions.

Our vision:

To move forward its current position in the healthcare sector by offering the widest service to the highest number of patients among the private hospitals in the country.

Our Corporate Principles:

Honesty, Reliability, Participation, Patient Focus, Visionary, Traceability.

Our quality policy:

  • To comply with the health legislation in our country,
  • Keeping patient and employee satisfaction at the highest level,
  • Observing patient rights,
  • To follow ethical rules,
  • To give importance to personnel training,
  • Keeping the cleaning and hygiene conditions at the highest level required,
  • To provide quality health services under suitable economic conditions,
  • It has been determined as to continuously monitor and improve our Quality Management System with a risk-based thinking approach.

Our Hospital’s Contact Information:

Address: Eşref Bitlis Caddesi, No: 4 Famagusta
Our Hospital’s Generally Used and Known Phone Number : 0392 366 5085
Other Telephone Numbers Related to the Plant:     0392 366 2514
0392 366 2515
0392 366 2516
0392 366 1800
0392 366 8753
0392 366 0785
0392 366 5430
Hospital HR Manager Office Phone Number: 0392 366 0400
Ground Floor Advisory FCT Line: 0533 825 9528
Floor 1 Advisory FCT Line: 0533 825 9529
Bed Service FCT Line: 0533 825 9530
Operating Room FCT Line: 0533 853 4410
Accounting FCT Line: 0533 834 9204
IVF Telephone Number: 0392 366 5446
Test Tube Baby FCT Line: 0533 834 9203
Emergency Line: 1136

Web Addresses: localhost: 8012 /

Fax Number:   0392 366 2316
Physical Structure of
Our Hospital : Our hospital has been serving from the building we are in since April 2003.
With the completion of our 3000 m² additional building in October 2017, our total area was 6600m².
Basement: In the
Basement of our Hospital; Warehouse, Machine Room, Laundry, Ironing room, UPS room and Morgue.
Ground Floor:
Emergency Room, Emergency Room (Total 3 Beds),
Laboratory (Patient Registration and Blood Collection Department),
Radiology Department (X-ray, Mammography, Dental Tomography, Panoramic Dental X-ray, Cephalometric, Radiology Consultation, Radiology Specialist and USG, Bone Scanning, Multislice Tomography)
Dental, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy Unit, Miha Bodytec,
Administrative Affairs, Accounting, Hospital Manager,
Consultation, Teller and Archive,

Level 1:
Laboratory, Laboratory Office,
Pathology Laboratory,
Counseling and Teller

Floor 2:
Operating room,
21 patient rooms,
Nurse Bench, Nurse Room.

Floor 3 and Floor 4:
UKCFA IVF Department,
Floor 5:
CCH IVF Department
Beauty Center,
Meeting room

Floor 6:
Dining Hall
Our hospital has a total of 4 wide, stretcher-able elevators and 1 service lift in 2 main buildings and 2 additional buildings.
Our Service Areas:
Emergency Service and Ambulance:
24 hours of immediate intervention in all kinds of falls, accidents, injuries, burns, fainting, bleeding, fever, breathing difficulties, insect stings and similar emergencies are carried out by our expert emergency team.
In our Emergency Department, our two full-fledged ambulances provide uninterrupted services 24/7 for all necessary examination and diagnostic units (laboratory, radiology) for emergency health services.
Biochemistry, Microbiology, Allergy, Hematology, Hormone, Tumor Markers, Pathology Tests are carried out in our laboratory. However, collaboration with major laboratories abroad allows almost all kinds of tests to be worked on and to give reliable results in a timely manner.
Our 24-hour laboratory follows up current research and innovations as well as having EQAS and ISO 9001 quality management standards.
Our laboratory, which is found reliable by physicians and our people throughout the country, is among the most preferred laboratories around the island.
In the Radiology Unit of our hospital; There are X-ray, Bone Densitometry, Mammography, Ultrasonography, Color Doppler, Multislice Tomography, Dental Tomography devices. The presence of a full-time radiologist in our hospital provides an important advantage for our patients.
Our radiology unit provides 24/7 service.
“Virtual Angiography” can be performed with the Multislice Tomography device in our hospital. Virtual Angio has an important place in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, one of the most important health problems in our country.
services are provided in our hospital.
Our IVF Units are recognized and reliable centers both in our country and worldwide.
Sleep Service:
Our 21 single-person private rooms, 3 of which are in the inpatient treatment service of our hospital, have been prepared for our patients to feel comfortable and peaceful. There are television, refrigerator, air conditioner, wc, shower, telephone, central oxygen unit and nurse call system in our rooms.
Our inpatient service provides doctor and nurse services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Operating Room:
Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ear-Nose-Throat, Eye, Brain Surgery, Varicose Vein, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are performed in the high-tech operating theaters of our hospital.
Having anesthesia and reanimation specialist working full-time in our hospital provides an important advantage for our patients. Our operating room provides 24/7 service.
Outpatient Services:
Oral and Dental Diseases
Skin Diseases
Children’s Health and Diseases
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Nutrition and Diet
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
General Surgery
Chest Diseases
Eye Diseases
Internal Diseases
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Cardiovascular Surgery
Ear Nose Throat
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Psychological Counseling
Essi Beauty Center:
In Essi Beauty Clinic, which serves in our hospital; Prp, Filling, Medical Hand & Foot Care, Nose Aesthetics, Mesotherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Eyelid Surgery, Foot Fungus Treatment, All Plastic Surgery Operations, Liposuction and Skin Care are performed.
Sleep Laboratory:
Our hospital has a sleep laboratory where patients’ sleep structure is measured and evaluated.

Patient Rights:
A. Utilization of the service in general: To take advantage
of activities aimed at promoting healthy life and preventive health services within the framework of principles of justice and equity,
B. Access to service in equality:
Race, language, religion and sect, gender, political thought, philosophical belief and economic and social Getting service regardless of their circumstances,
C. Informing:
Learning what all kinds of services and facilities are,
D. Choosing and changing the
organization : Choosing and changing the health institution and benefiting from the health services provided in the chosen health institution,
E. Selecting and changing personnel:
To learn, select and change the identities, duties and titles of the physicians and other personnel who will provide and provide health services,
F. Requesting information: Requesting
any information about the health status verbally and in writing,
G. Privacy:
Any kind of environment in accordance with privacy to receive health care,
H. Consent and permission:
to obtain consent in medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent,
I. Reject and stop,
to refuse and request treatment,
J. Security: To receive
health service in a safe environment,
K. To fulfill religious duties:
To fulfill their religious duties within the limits of the facilities of the organization and within the framework of the measures taken by the administration,
L. Respectability:
Respect, care and care, to receive friendly, gentle, compassionate, health care,
M. Comfort:
To obtain health care in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are met, noise and disturbing factors are eliminated,
N. Visit :
Accepting visitors in accordance with the principles and principles determined by institutions and organizations,
O. Having a companion:
Requesting to have a companion within the scope of the possibilities of the legislation, health institutions and organizations and if the doctor considers it appropriate,
P. Right of application, complaint and lawsuit: In case
of violation of their rights, legislation within the framework of all kinds of applications, complaints and right to sue,
R. Continuous service:
As long as necessary, they have the right to benefit from health services and to
their thoughts about the services provided
(Ref: Patient Rights Movement)

About Us

Cyprus Central Hospital; It has been serving since 1995 and is currently on its way to becoming a rapidly growing organization with 48 specialist doctors. We have served more than 220 thousand patients since our establishment.

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  • Eşref Bitlis Caddesi Gazimağusa KKTC, TURKEY via mersin10
  • +90 (392) 366 5085
    +90 (392) 366 2316 (FAX)
  • info@cypruscentralhospital.com

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