Our Full Time Doctors


Jin. Op. Dr. Serap Kağan

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist & IVF

Jin. Op. Dr. İçten Balık Kıvançlı

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

I was born in 1983 in Famagusta. After completing primary school in Gazi Primary School, I started my secondary education in Famagusta Turkish Maarif College. I graduated from Eastern Mediterranean College in 2000 ...




Uzm. Dr. Cemal Mert

Child Health and Diseases

I was born in Limassol in 1966. After completing his primary and secondary education in Limassol and Güzelyurt, he continued his medical education at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine; I graduated in 1991. Child Health and Diseases in Istanbul Şişli Etfal Hospital ...



Uzm. Dr. Türker Erkcan

Child Health and Diseases

I was born in 1968 in Yeşilyurt Cyprus. After completing my primary education at Lefke Istiklal Primary School, I completed middle and high school at Lefke Gazi High School.



Op. Dr. Mehmet İnan

General Surgery

I was born in Nicosia in 1966. I completed my high school education at Türk Maarif Koleji. After receiving medical education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine between 1984-1990, in the Department of General Surgery in Hacettepe University in 1990-1996.


Dr. Alev İnan

Mouth, Dental Diseases and Prosthetics

I was born on September 15, 1967 in Lefke. I graduated from Güzelyurt Kurtuluş High School. I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1991. In 1996, he graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in Prosthetic Dentistry ....



Uzm. Dr. Okan Dağlı

Internal diseases

I was born in Famagusta in 1964. After I graduated from Namık Kemal High School in 1982, I started Medical Education at Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty. After finishing the Faculty of Medicine in 1988, I specialized in Internal Medicine at Haseki Hospital and returned to the country in 1993 as an internal medicine specialist.....


Uzm. Dr. Aytekin Çolakoğlu

Internal diseases

I was born on 3.10.1945 in Nicosia. After completing my primary and secondary education in Nicosia, I received medical education at Istanbul Medical Faculty University. Then I got my expertise in the UK.



Uzm. Dr. Süreyya Vudalı


Date and Place of Birth: 23.02.1979 - Gazi Famagusta-K.K.T.C. Educational Background: Hacettepe University, 2004, Specialization in Medicine, Radiology USA, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, 2011- Vudalı Doğruyol S. Measurement Parameters Used in Femoroacetabular Impingement of Asymptomatic Individuals ...


Op. Dr. Hürkan Harutoğlu

ENT Diseases and Head and Neck Surgery

In 1966, the teacher was born as a child of parents. He completed his primary and high school education in Namık Kemal High School in Çınarlı. He graduated from Famagusta Namık Kemal High School in 1983 as the top student.



Uzm. Dr. İbrahim Kobat


I was born in Famagusta in 1966. After completing my primary education in Büyükkonuk Primary School, I completed secondary and high school in Namık Kemal High School. I started higher education in Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1984.


Uzm. Dr. Hakkı Görgülü

Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Name-Surname: Right manners, Nationality: Republic of Turkey, Date of Birth: 20/10/1955, Place of Birth: Karacasu / AYDIN Marital status: Married, 2 children, 1962 - 1967: Karacasu Seven Primary school - Karacasu / Aydın, 1967 - 1970: Aydın High School Middle Part (Free Boarding) - AYDIN...



Dyt. Rabia Yalınca

Nutrition and Diet

I completed my higher education in Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2008 as the first of the faculty and department. As a dietitian, I am working at Famagusta Medical Center Hospital..